Welcome! We are so excited to share our story with you! I'm Stacy, and I co-founded Alex and Emmy, LLC with my husband, Noah, in 2016. We are the proud parents of two beautiful little girls, Alexandra and Emily, who provide us with inspiration for our brand and products every day.

When our second daughter, Emily, was born, we were gifted with a number of invaluable products to assist us, including our first baby cover. Though the cover was a lovely, multi-purpose gift, as a mom, I was not sure how clean it was. I would use the cover over the car seat, taking the baby to the doctors office, grocery store, school drop offs, etc., but when I needed to nurse I didn't feel comfortable using it as a nursing cover after it had been all over town. That's when the idea for Alex and Emmy was born. I wanted to feel comfortable using a cover for all of its intended purposes without having to wash it between each use.

Alex and Emmy is the industry's only multi-use nursing cover to provide UV protection and a treatment to protect the product from fungal growth and bacterial odors. From the moment your baby is born, we want you to feel confident that Alex and Emmy has your worries, covered.

Our patent pending, signature blend of fabric, includes a combination of copper and cotton, making our covers soft, breathable, and most importantly UV protected and treated with a bacteriostatic and fungistatic agent to protect the product from odor- and stain-causing bacteria and fungi. A better solution to keep away the germs without using any harsh chemicals. With an Alex and Emmy cover, you can nurse directly after using it on a car seat, shopping cart or highchair and feel relaxed knowing that we have provided you and your baby with the protection and comfort that you desire.

We are excited to welcome you to the Alex and Emmy family and to also be part of our mission to give back. A percentage of profits from limited edition covers will be donated to charities focusing on moms, babies and children.

Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook! Hashtag us at #alexandemmy! We can't wait to hear about your experiences with our products!