Alex and Emmy is the industry's only multi use infant cover that has antimicrobial properties built-in to protect the product and is UV-protected. This 4-1 multi-use infant product provides hassle free, 360 degree coverage with comfort and style! From the moment your baby is born, we want you to feel confident that Alex and Emmy has your worries, covered

  • Alex and Emmy covers are very versatile. Truly more than a cover! They can be used as nursing covers, car seat covers, blankets, highchair covers, shopping cart covers, etc.
  • Our patent pending, proprietary blend of fabric, is made using copper technology, making our covers soft, breathable, UV protected, and treated to protect the product from fungal growth and bacterial odors.
  • Our covers allow for you to nurse directly after using it on a car seat, shopping cart or highchair, etc without having to wash it between each use.
  • Odor resistant
  • All season use
  • High quality, stretchy fabric with a flexible neck to allow for viewing of your baby while still covered
  • Easy to use, put on, and take off
  • One size fits most

Certifications: Meets CPSC Standards

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